Dear Chrissa,

it was of realy great experience to be with you and all Greek colleauges!

I would like to thank you for the opportunitie to join you and to spent great time. First off all I met up a few persons in Thessaloniki that I am sure that we will have a good cooperation. Also I am so happy that I visited Veria and all great people there. I have now some more ideas, not only how to bring the tourists from China in Greece but also some ideas how to bring more tourists from Serbia in Veria and this region and maybe how to promote wine and cuisine from this region in Serbia. I will talk soon with Janis and other people from there.

Maybe you will be supprised, but my strongest impression was a byzantine lunch last day. I already talk with one my colleage in Serbia who are working on one projecet in region Vojvodina and probably they will invite some of this great women and maybe cook to participate in seminar and festival (Ukusi Vojvodine / The taste of Vojvodina) at the end in September in Novi Sad and to talk how they develope the menue and what is idea about futher implementation.
Also I think how to promote more Greek wine in Serbia (we offer wine tours in Serbia and I developed Serbian Wine Passport :)).

As I told you, this is a only ideas for now. We will see what will happend in the future.

I wish you and your great team all the best and I hope that this new contact will bring us more conection in our business.

Kind regards,

Biljana Marčeta

I want to thank you for your invitation to the last event of Respond on Demand . All meetings were very interesting and the Fam trip was of great benefit .
Lot of thanks for letting us discover this beautiful region of Veria and meet very nice and interesting people there.
I will do my best to promote this beautiful region.
Best regards to you and to dear Maria

Nassif Moukarzel

Good morning Chrissa,

Thank you for the attached and for allowing me to be part of your B2B Travel Event Thessaloniki and Veria.
I believe all present (both buyers and sellers) will benefit greatly from every introduction and interaction made.

Wishing you a wonderful day ahead and sending Maria my best wishes too.

Fondest Regards

Select Havens Travel & Tours

With the present I would like to express my gratitude to Mrs Maria Athanassopoulou and Mrs Chrissa Krassa-
the organizers of the very useful, interesting and unforgettable B2B event in Thessaloniki and Veria.

Thanks, ladies!
Hope we will meet again,

best regards

Elma Ilieva

Dear Mrs. Chrissa Krassa;

First of all thank you and Mrs. Maria so much for your kind invite to organization in Greece and your cordiality, also thank you for the great organization in Veria zone which i’ve never seen even though i’ve visited Greece many times .

The natural and the historical beauty in Veria had quite impressed me. We’re planning to add Veria for our next tour programs.

See you in the new organizations!

Best regards


Dear hosts and dear colleagues,
We had the opportunity to be in beginning at hotel Grand Palace in Thessaloniki and meet hoteliers and tourist agencies from Greece. Latter, we get acquainted with the tourist potential of Veria in followed days, where we enjoyed a rich cultural and natural heritage of this part of Greece, the variety and delicious of local food and famous Greek drinks.
Considering that the entire program is carefully compiled and very well organized by the top professional organizers, it was not hard to contribute to the creation of a beautiful business and leisure atmosphere, which will be certainly long time remembered…

Among other things, I want to call everybody of visitors and hosts to intensify the concrete business cooperation, as a continuation of a such beautiful meeting in Greece, to share the business in Greece, and business between our countries, as well.

Bearing this in mind, Rubicon travel is at your disposal for any tourist services in Serbia.

Finally, I would like to thank to Achileos travel- Mrs Elena Rodo, to sympathetic Mr. Joannis Valachis, to tour guide Mrs Angelica, and to a many kind hosts in Veria city.
I express special gratitude to the organizers Mrs Maria Athanassopoulou and Mrs Chrissa Krassa.
Hoping for a new meeting,
I greet all of you.

Rubicon travel
Levajac Mirko,
general manager

Dear Mrs. Chrissa and Mrs. Maria
We would like to express our pleasure and admiration of perfectly organized meetings with representatives of the tourist business participants in the meetings in Thessaloniki and Veria.
You have created the perfect environment for meetings and ……………………. superior unforgettable experience every noon and evening in typical Greek atmosphere of hospitality.
Thank you again.
See you soon.

With warmest greetings

Virjinia and Rossen Nikolov
Virjinia Nikolova
Head Manager
NRJ Ltd. Tour operator