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Mia Park, USA

Thanks so much for the absolutely terrific B2B event this past week, you are superstar promoter and organizer for Greek hotels and tourism.



Cem Polatoğlu- TURKEY

This time, I really get good contact in Greece, which I would need in a very near future. About the Edipsos, I’ll try my best. Thank you very very much indeed for those  wonderful events that we spend in Salonika and Edipsos.


I  really  found interesting partners there  and was  inspired by the destinations we explored! Hope to see you again  very soon

Leonardo Batiatto – Italy

Thank you for all and I’m sure to see you soon.

Nagui K. Guorgui, EGYPT

It was very nice meeting you in Greece and I wish this meeting will result in fruitful business between both of us. The pleasure is mine, this trip was a real changing experience in my life.. We will try to find the ways to send them a lot of clients and promote them well. Wish to see you soon.

Ilka Bukovska and Emilia Shehtova, Bulgaria

We would like to thank you for the kind invitation and professional performance of the fam trip. We are extreme satisfied from the organisation, meetings, logistics and the business participants. We met couple of very good possibilities for collaboration. The trip to Edipsos was the perfect final and we really appreciate your efforts to promote this beautiful region. Kind thanks again and hope for further good and fruitful meeting in the future.

Hans Soderstrom, Sweden

Thank you for your work during our visit to Thessaloniki and Evia. I know personally very well how difficult it is to organize an event like this. We have got many good business contacts during our meetings and we are planning to go back to Greece in order to explore some of the destinations and hotels better. We are sure that the future will have more business with your part of Greece, where we had not many contacts before.